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Valeria is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and grew up in the DC area. She has been performing in the DMV area for many years, first with the Stewart Sisters, and later as half of the duo Luna. She now performs solo, or in her trio called Crooked Sparrow, with singer-songwriter Kevin Dudley and fiddler Jenny Smith. Valeria’s songs have a blend of latin, folk, jazz, and Americana roots sound. Her first EP ‘The Alchemist’s Journey’, as part of Luna, was released in 2020. 

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Song Demos

Fledgeling Wings
Por Que
Go Gentle Now

Photo Gallery

Downloadable photos © Valerie Makepeace

Lisa Bowie (Culpepper Garden William P. Harris Center for low-income seniors)

I cannot tell you how very much our residents and I enjoyed Valeria and Jenny! I was not sure what to expect and I must tell you, it BY FAR exceeded my expectations.  Sign her up for a contract!  We were astounded by her talent and writing skills and the residents thoroughly enjoyed every relaxing minute of it.  What a treat. Happy to say that we had a good turnout of 28 people and everyone expressed how much they would love for them to come back again.

Zekemia (Three Whistles Concert attendee)

“Thank you, Valeria for such a fabulous night of music. I was stunned by how talented you and your bandmates are. I enjoyed your multi-dimensional set list. You are not bound by one type of genre/style of music. And the song writing, vocals, and shared musician ship was at a professional level. Even when you played a cover, I thought you made it your own, put a twist on your interpretation of it. I can see you are a real musician and music just flows out of you. I will definitely come out again and see you play again."
“Crooked Sparrow combines musicianship and song-writing chops into a melodic mix.  Several Sevareid House patrons mentioned how much they enjoyed their set and would seek them out locally in the future."
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