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The Alchemist's Journey EP

The Alchemist's Journey is the 2020 debut EP by Valeria Stewart and Kathleen Huber, known as the duo Luna. Our Days in Ordinary Time and The Alchemist's Journey were cowritten by the duo. Beautiful was written by Kathleen Huber, and and It Isn't You / No Eres Tu began as a song in English, written by Kathleen, and later translated into Spanish by Valeria and her mother, Graciela Valdez. 


The four songs on the Luna EP received Mid Atlantic Song Contest Awards in 2019 and 2020:

The Alchemist's Journey - Valeria Stewart and Kathleen Huber (Finalist, Open category)

Our Days in Ordinary Time — Valeria Stewart and Kathleen Huber (Honorable Mention, Gospel / Inspirational / Christian)

It Isn't You-No Eres Tu — Kathleen Huber, Valeria Stewart, and Graciela Valdez (Silver, Vocal Jazz/Blues)

Beautiful - Kathleen Huber (Silver, Folk Acoustic)

Recording began in March 2020 at Recording Arts Studio, with Producer & Engineer Marco Delmar, and continued through the pandemic with safety measures in place, at the Arlington studio. Accompaniment is by guitarist Kevin Dudley, violinist Marcy Cochran, bassist Jon Nazdin, and percussion by Tyler Buisch and Jillian Matundan. The Alchemist's Journey is the title track, a song inspired by Paulo Coelho's novel, The Alchemist.

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