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Lisa Bowie (Culpepper Garden William P. Harris Center for low-income seniors)

I cannot tell you how very much our residents and I enjoyed Valeria and Jenny! I was not sure what to expect and I must tell you, it BY FAR exceeded my expectations.  Sign her up for a contract!  We were astounded by her talent and writing skills and the residents thoroughly enjoyed every relaxing minute of it.  What a treat. Happy to say that we had a good turnout of 28 people and everyone expressed how much they would love for them to come back again.

Zekemia (Three Whistles Concert attendee)

“Thank you, Valeria for such a fabulous night of music. I was stunned by how talented you and your bandmates are. I enjoyed your multi-dimensional set list. You are not bound by one type of genre/style of music. And the song writing, vocals, and shared musician ship was at a professional level. Even when you played a cover, I thought you made it your own, put a twist on your interpretation of it. I can see you are a real musician and music just flows out of you. I will definitely come out again and see you play again."
“Crooked Sparrow combines musicianship and song-writing chops into a melodic mix.  Several Sevareid House patrons mentioned how much they enjoyed their set and would seek them out locally in the future."
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